Be unique!

We live in a world of consumerism while fighting a battle of individualization. We could see it as a problem, unless we choose otherwise. There are options, if we care to seek for them. We, at Apoldist, encourage you to invest in everlasting design, wear clothes that matter and support emerging talents, as for all READ MORE

It’s the season to be cozy!

Blazers are considered to be some of the most versatile items found in a woman’s wardrobe, a symbol of powerfulness and femininity. Simple yet sophisticated, minimalism with maximum effect is the best way to describe the power that one simple blazer holds, providing plenty of ways to style it, and even make a low-key look READ MORE

Hooldra Fashion Show

Our upcycled section just got an upgrade in terms of new talents that have joined the team. Creatives minds put together the first fashion show of Hooldra, held during Feeric Fashion Week. And because Hooldra proposes a new ethical standard in fashion, sustainable and with considerably less impact on the environment, the artistic moment was READ MORE

Apoldist x Feeric Fashion Week

The most creative fashion week in the world, Feeric Fashion Week took place few days ago in the beautiful city of Sibiu, Transylvania. As we share the same purposes in supporting emerging talents, we opened the 13th edition with a show where the work of 16 designers which can be found in our shop has READ MORE

Introducing Hooldra

We often forget that what we are looking for relies in front of our eyes. And clothes make no difference. We live in a changing world and we must adapt, but why can’t our old clothes do the same? Actually, they can. We can! We can consume less in order to pollute less, by upcycling READ MORE